Why Travel and Vacation Subscription Boxes are Awesome

Travel and Vacation Subscription Boxes

Who doesn’t love to get away from it all? Vacations and travel are essential to keeping your work-life balance in check. However, a recent survey reported more than half (56%) of American adults haven’t taken a vacation in the past 12 months. There are probably dozens of reasons for this… such as no time off, or the fact that traveling to vacation destinations isn’t always affordable for every budget. That’s where subscription boxes come┬áto the rescue!

Beach Vacation Travel Subscription Box

According to the Outer Banks Visitor’s Bureau, over 3,000,000 vacationers visited the Outer Banks last year. That’s a ton of people! Think how many of those visitors have not traveled away from home in the past 3 years, or even 10 years. The Outer Banks and other family vacation destinations offer all of us the opportunity to unwind and experience a period of stress-free happiness. Nothing is on your mind but what fun things to do with your time! Imagine if you could experience this feeling more often… say a few times a year. Well, reverting back to the cost of vacationing, this may be pretty impractical for most people. A subscription box service that’s travel or vacation related is the perfect cost-friendly remedy for somebody looking to relive memories of their time away from home and savor the excitement of experiencing new things!

OBX Ocean Water

There are many vacation destinations in the world, but nearly no other place has the emotionally connected following like that of the Outer Banks. Most visitors have been coming for decades, and plan to keep it as a family tradition for years to come. While away from the Outer Banks, it’s hard to keep your mind off the place! Working long shifts hundreds of miles away all year long sure does create a sense of longing to get away from it all, put your feet in the sand, and relax to the sounds of the seagulls and ocean waves. While we haven’t quite captured that entire package, we feel we’re pretty darn close!

You should check out the Outer Banks Box!

If you love the OBX or know someone who does, it really is the next best thing to an actual visit here. We work 365 days a year to find the coolest assortment of items for each of our boxes, and mail four times a year… one for each season! You’ll get a little bit of treats, novelty items, momentos, and an extra dose of that beachy salt air. Visit www.OuterBanksBox.com today to get your own subscription!

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