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Naked Lady Mandalas is certainly a name that will make most anyone stand up and take notice. Melanie, who created 300 unique hand painted mandala minis for our Fall 2019 box, explains the name is derived from her “baring her soul” in her artwork. 

Melanie, who is originally from upstate New York, became a traveling nurse and spent time in both New York City and Seattle before receiving a travel contract on the Outer Banks in February, 2106.  But artist is just one of Melanie’s labels. She is a former bipolar turned spiritual “yoga lady.” She is also a musician, skateboarder, and surfer.

You may be wondering what the mandala has to do with the OBX… Mandalas began as a form of meditation in ancient Tibet.  The lines, symbols and patterns not only put the artist into a state of meditation during their creation, but also have a meditative affect for the observer.  The beach also puts us into a similar state, the calming sounds of the waves crashing along the shore are a reason why people flock to the shore for their annual vacation from real life.  These mandalas were created throughout the Outer Banks, absorbing the energy of this magical place in hopes to bring some of that calmness to your home, until you can get to the beach again… The Outer Banks Beach Box hope you enjoy your specially created mandala from Melanie, the force behind Naked Lady Mandalas! If you are interested in more of Melanie’s artwork and custom designs, be sure to check out her website, www.nakedladymandalas.com and give her a follow on IG @nakedladymandalas.

Written by: Greg Smrdel, Author
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OBX BUSINESS HIGHLIGHT – The Spice and Tea Exchange

Fall Weather is back on the Outer Banks. The perfect time to visit The Spice and Tea Exchange in Duck. The shop, owned and operated by the mother/daughter team of Terry Bell and Megan Scott is located in the Scarborough Lane Shops where they subscribe to the mission: “Creating & sharing the experience of a more flavorful life.”

Step inside their 18th Century Trading Post retail concept and discover more than 140 spices, over 80 exclusive hand-mixed blends, 16 naturally-flavored sugars, an array of salts from around the world, and more than 30 exotic teas.

The Spice and Tea Exchange is now offering cooking classes this fall and winter. Plus, you won’t want to miss their Chef Series Dinners. The Chef Series features a  local chef preparing a 4-course meal in their shop using their spice blends, salt and sugars. Space is limited – and they sell out fast, so make your reservation now!

Any chef will tell you that fresh ingredients is so important for a great meal. Fresh is what you will find at The Spice and Tea Exchange in Duck – a place for all hand-mixed spice blends, teas, and accessories that you can’t find anywhere else!

Be sure to stop by on your next visit, located in the Scarborough Lane Shops in Duck NC and give them a follow on IG @spiceandtea.duck

Spice & Tea Exchange

Written by: Greg Smrdel, Author
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